Conclusion and Farewell

Noble people, very lovable friends,

before closing this short book that has reviewed our recent past (we hope in a pleasant and never boring way for all of you), we want to answer some tacit questions.

If you ever thought that we invited you to throw your smartphones into the sewers or to reject technology as it is today, then we have missed the target of our storytelling. The idea of rejecting our sisters’ machines and our friends’ computers never crossed our mind. We are hybrid creatures who live in symbiosis with their electrical counterparts.

Also, through the stories collected here, we wanted to lift the veil that often prevents lovers from seeing each other for what they really are. Loving machines means knowing them, living with them. Playing with technology does not mean being played.

Technology can harm and benefit at the same time.

The stories you have just read invite the most curious minds to understand which project is inscribed in the technologies that are used daily: lifting the veil that hides the face of the lover from our eyes could make him flee as happened to Psyche with Eros, but it could also allow us to invent our relationship from scratch by transforming ourselves, the other and the world that we inhabit.

At least this was the intention with which hackers, nerds, artists, social media managers, poets and dreamers left the house that had hosted them during the darkest days of the Great Internet Plague. Each of them returned to their lives with the best intentions of transforming the world starting from the transformation of their relationships, both with organic and inorganic creatures.

If they succeed we don’t know, but in the meantime the choice is made.

Leaving now to all of you to say and believe as you like, it’s time to put an end to the words, turn off the screen and put to rest the fingers tired of typing on the keyboard. And if in some way you will benefit from what we have said, we like to imagine that you will think back to us and the time we spent together.

If you ever feel the desire to tell us your stories of machines and humans we will be happy to hear from you.

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