The Third Day: Sex

Wherein, under the rule of Francesca, stories are told of those who entrusted their intimate relationships to powerful technologies encountered on the first and second day. After all, if they worked for professional, emotional, and family relationships, why shouldn’t they work for sexual relationships?


“Everything has to do with sex, except for sex. That has to do with power…” This is true especially when there are rules and procedures managed by companies for profit. Free sex and paid sex; bizarre sex, so bizarre that it immediately becomes normal, locked in a label and easy to find again for the next time. Sex is everywhere, but all in all a very unsatisfactory experience.

At least one third of the Net was catalogued as pornographic, a type of explicit, sexual pornography. Not to mention the far more worrying spread of emotional pornography, the continuous exposure of the bowels, of the intimate emotions heralded in the public square.

And it would have taken so little effort to make the machines friendly accomplices!