Fourth Day: Scams

Wherein, under the rule of Rachel, there is talk of those who trusted… unrepeatable business prospects, stratospheric gains, exceptional savings, opportunities not to be missed. Matters of money, above all, but not only that.

Also to feel safe, at ease, capable, worthy of attention and listening.

All this, once again, through the phantasmagoric technologies encountered in the first three days.


That is to say: “I won’t fall in that trap, I’m not stupid!” And instead the humans were so predictable… the prospect of an unexpected, effortless gain, perfect to satisfy that greed brooding under the ashes of so many people; the illusion of being smarter than others and getting away with it; the belief of not having weaknesses or at most to know your vulnerabilities well and to know how to control them…

The deceptions were primarily the result of humans’ desire to deceive themselves. Blaming the poor machines, commanded and controlled by clever humans, was just a classic scapegoat mechanism.

Know yourself and take care of yourself, you only have one life to become who you are!, the wise, unheard were saying. But everyone was too intent on tangling with one another.