First Day: Away From Home

Wherein, under the rule of Delia, we remember and think of those who relied on technological tools of undoubted power, connected in extraordinarily large networks throughout the whole world, fast and omnipresent; and they trusted in the prodigious help of these networks owned by others to communicate with other humans, to find what they were looking for when they were not at home: therefore “away from home”.

Away From Home

That is to say: “In the home of others”. Where there were rules and regulations decided by others, real contracts, pages and pages, often long hieroglyphics of incomprehensible articles written in tight legal language. The unfortunate sailors usually accepted them without discussion. Indeed, heedless, they hurried on unknown platforms, but highly recommended by “everyone”: without even having read or knowing anything, they subscribed to each new rule with a scroll on the screen or a quick click of the mouse.

“I have read and accepted,” they lied. Lightly!

And then they found themselves wrapped up in strange adventures that took them to remote shores, to reach worlds so bizarre as to seem alien.