Internet, mon amour

The future was yesterday, when we were inseparable from computers and smartphones, for better or for worse. Even when we would have preferred to do without them, because we knew they could prove to be our worst enemies. The global surveillance scandals of the Internet were just the tip of a icebergs, mass manipulation was just the beginning: we were all vulnerable! Misplaced curiosities, scams, identity and data theft, porn sales, haters…

This book always starts from real situations, tells and explains what risk behaviors were, how traps could be avoided. It proposes tricks that are easy to implement.

Through stories of common life we learn to pay attention to details, to subtext, to what “lies behind” the appearance of the screens. In order to escape from our condition as gears of the Megamachines we become curious explorers, we expand the baggage of critical thinking with stories of the future which was yesterday.